Veil Swatches to compare with your dress

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Bridal illusion tulle swatches

- This listing is for 5 swatches in white, diamond white, light ivory, ivory and blush
- Several layers of each color so that the pigment color shows clearly

- Swatches can be unstapled and unfolded to lay in a single layer over your dress
- You'll find the intensity of the colour will dilute when seen in one layer so if your deciding between the darker or lighter shade, darker is generally better.


WHITE- Bright white, true white, stark white, has a slight bluish tone like white printer paper.

DIAMOND WHITE- Off white, warm white, is designed to be the same color as untreated silk. Is lighter and less yellow as ivory but hasn’t got the bluish tone of the white.

LIGHT IVORY- Between Diamond White and Ivory. Best match for a dress which does look ivory but isn't a very dark or yellow shade.

IVORY- Has a pale yellow tone, has a hint of cream

BLUSH- Very pale pink, ballet pink, has a slight peach undertone.
This color is very pale and is designed to work with the current blush wedding dress trend. Although the shades of blush between designers do vary a fair bit, I personally think the shade selected by the manufactures to be quite a good medium. You’ll generally find it to look a shade or two lighter than most blush dresses.

- Ships in 1-3 days from purchase

- Please allow at least 8-14 days for shipping outside of New Zealand
- Shipping within NZ should take 1-3 days


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