Edwardian Mini Circlet

Brass leaves circle your head and create a romantic wreath. This circlet features a small peak at the front that beautifully frames the face.

- Created from brass leaves that have been made using the original die from the early 1900's
- Delicate flowers with brass stamen scattered throughout the design
- Hand wired together onto a wire base
- Available in Gold and Silver
- Looks amazing with a veil tucked over the back of the circlet

- This headpiece is made to your head measurement so please measure your head where you intend to wear the circlet.
Make a circle with a measuring tape and place on your head like a crown. Adjust until it feels the most comfortable. This should be a little smaller than the measurement you would take for a hat so that it stays on the top of your head.
Consider where your hair will be styled and the placement of your bun or braids etc.
If you don't have a measuring tape handy you can use a ribbon or tape together a couple strips of paper, then measure it with a ruler.

- Handmade in our Auckland, New Zealand studio

This item is “Made to Order” with the creation time of 1-3 weeks plus shipping times

Rush processing times are often available if needed. Please email info@annamarguerite.comwith the style name, colour, and wear date for further information.

Photography- Hamish Melville

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